A comprehensive service offering a full package, taking a design intent through to execution. The service encompasses all aspects of custom work including R&D, prototyping, cost analysis, manufacturing, QC and

Our breadth in material application and technique innovation allows for a comprehensive approach to custom and tailored enquiries which along with our broad portfolio of materials and finishes, offers a robust service that delivers quality, innovation and relevant product.



The service provides clients with a complete package that delivers one off designs from concept to realisation. Catering to architectural projects and end clients such as hoteliers, to create bespoke designs for specific application.



Services encompass customised and standard solutions for amenities, accessories and decor. The broad portfolio of materials and finishes, along with our expertise in material crafting and product engineering are key to offering a robust service that delivers quality, innovation and relevant product.



Customised and standard solutions for all packaging requirements. The service incorporates branding translations and works towards enhancing the perceived value of a product reinforcing brand values.

Design and supply services offering expansive design solutions from concept translation to manufacturing, logistics and delivery. With a flair in translating concept to viable product, the design house has a reputation for creating product that embodies a true sense of a given design intent.

Underpinning these services is the desire to influence the design process at a more meaningful level.

Often this involves working closely with clients to establish a comprehensive understanding of their business needs, which directly enhances the relevance of solutions offered.

In tandem with this ethos, LOCO brings to every professional alliance an extensive sourcing portfolio that has developed across the last 20 years of business – a specialized layer to LOCO’s services portfolio.