Known for its meticulous detailing and an established history in the luxury division, Loco Design specialises in interior and product solutions.

With a portfolio spanning custom projects and in-house brands, the aesthetic of the design house is defined by a subtle blend of refined Indian craftsmanship and first-world technology.

In addition to the design services it offers, LOCO’s in-house brands operate across the design spheres of Tailored Goods, Architectural Solutions and Lifestyle Accents.


Established in 1997 as a design and manufacturing service, the company has evolved into a design house that provides clients with specialised services from concept generation to logistics and delivery.

Spearheaded by the desire to influence the design process at a more meaningful level, LOCO’s services have developed to provide clients with product engineering services that provide viable design solutions in addition to an established manufacturing service.


The team, comprising of designers, technical specialists and architects, unite creativity and technological knowledge with craft and a thorough understanding of material.

This unique brew of knowledge-based skills enables LOCO to continually innovate whilst remaining loyal to quality and service.